Morbid Visions – Cavalera / Sepultura -Drumcover

It’s great that the Cavaleras have re-recorded their debut album! Now I finally know what the songs were meant to be … 😉 Morbid Visions is the debut album by the Brazilian metal band Sepultura. It was recorded in August 1986 and released on LP in the same year. The music is raw, primitive and aggressive and has been described in reviews as both death metal and black-metal-influenced thrash metal and compared to Sodom and Kreator. The lyrics, written in simple, grammatically incorrect English, refer to Satanism and war. Max Cavalera stated that the inspiration for the songs came mainly from books about black magic and answered the question of whether Sepultura saw themselves as a satanic band in the affirmative. Satanism is the best topic for a death metal band, he said, adding that he loves to study witchcraft and the like, leaving other topics like politics to the punks.